How to Get branch loan App for iPhone

How to Get Branch Loan App for iPhone in 2022 Fast!

A common question is whether or not there is a Branch loan app for iPhones. The answer is that for now, there is not yet an official Branch loan app available for iPhones. There has been no formal announcement regarding when one might be forthcoming.

How to Get branch loan App for iPhone
How to Get Branch Loan App for iPhone

Why is there No Branch Loan App for iPhone?

Branch mobile app is exclusive to mobile devices using the Android operating system. If you have an iPhone, the application can only be downloaded through the Google Play store, and you will need an Android emulator to run it.

So, if you have an android phone in Kenya, Tanzania, India and you need a loan now from Branch, you can get it now. See this guide. However, if you are in Nigeria, follow this guide to get a loan from Branch now.


How to Get Branch Loan App for iPhone in 2022. How to get a loan from branch loan app in kenya
How to get a loan from branch loan app in kenya

Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Branch Loan App.

The following are answers to queries that are posed quite frequently about the Branch Loan app.

(1) Is Branch A Decent App For Getting Loans?

There is no doubt that Branch is a capable loan app. It is very easy to receive a loan from Branch on your phone even as a first-time user if you follow the steps and best practices.

It comes highly recommended on the Google App Store, where I’m sure a lot of people have tried using it.

(2) How much of a loan is Branch able to provide?

Branch loan sum ranges anywhere from 1,000 Kenyan Shillings to 70,000 Kenyan Shillings. You can find out more about the repayment tenure, and interest rates (monthly/annual) in this brief guide.

(3) How long does it take Branch to Approve the loan Requested?

From experience, the loan approval tenure is quick; it takes only a few seconds. However, you must be eligible to earn a loan from Branch and quickly too. See what to do to boost your loan approval time here.

How to Get branch loan App for iPhone
How to Get Branch Loan App for iPhone

(4) How Long Does It Take Branch to Disburse Loans?

Branch loan disbursement time can take from a few minutes to twenty-four hours. You can get in touch with them if it takes significantly longer, and they will assist you.

Branch Loan App Alternatives

There are various options available to choose from, and some of these alternatives are as follows:

If the branch loan app refuses you a loan, you can try your luck with one of the other loan applications available on Google Playstore and the App Store. Some of the top loan apps I recommend that are also as good as Branch loans are Carbon, KashKash, 9Credit, and Okash.



For now, Branch loan app is not available to iPhone users and other iOS-enabled devices. Hence, Branch loan app is not on the Apple App Store.

From the foregoing, it is evident that Branch loan app is a straightforward yet powerful mobile loan application that you can turn to for quick micro-funding. However, it is possible to get mega loans from Branch if you meet the necessary criteria.

Keep trying to secure a loan from the Branch even if you are unsuccessful the first time. Build your Credit worthiness and in time you will be eligible for loans from Branch.

I hope that I was able to address all of your questions and make things clearer to you regarding the Branch loan application and how to get a loan from Branch. Stay fine.

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