How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria!
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How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria!

We will show you How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria!. Organizations can suffer a loss of confidence, employee morale and productivity can plummet, or large fines and financial losses can be the outcome of your actions.

How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria!

Checking the actions of rapid online loan applications on Google Play and Apple Store reveals a lot about the lending apps’ platforms’ unethical tactics. Customers and users alike are enraged by the nasty and abrasive tactics of these loan organizations’ employees.

How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria!

The following are some of the things they are accused of:

1. Customers are receiving messages reminding them to pay their loans two days before the due date.

2. Customers are being duped into paying before the due date in exchange for exaggerated perks.

3. Disrespectfully phoning consumers frequently before and on the due date.

4. After the consumer defaults, the company threatens to send embarrassing messages to all of the user’s contacts.

5. Finally, the messages are sent to the consumers’ contacts.

6. Deducting from the consumer more than the official reported interest rate

‘7. Forcibly disbursing funds to consumers prior to the loan’s completion

Even while some customers and patrons of these quick online loan apps miss on their payments, lending organizations must be cautious about how far they may go to get their money back without harming the customers’ or their contacts’ image, mental health, or other assets.


Borrowers Reviews 

The following are some of the consumers’ negative testimonials:


Who is in charge of policing these individuals? I’ve been dealing with them since March 2021, but in August, I couldn’t make payments because I was told to pay by 2pm, but I told the guy I’d pay by 4pm. Because I was in a meeting and the loan was due by 3pm on that date, one of my business associates called me. This is someone I’ve been doing business with since 2009, and another person cancelled a business deal that would have provided me with weekly income as an external auditor, which I would have used to pay off these loans. To now, I have not been able to balance my financial situation.


Please verify this so-called loan firm because they’re the ones making it nearly impossible for people to repay what they owe, because what they advertise on the Play Store is completely different from what they offer in their app,. They are extortionists and fraudsters; how can you give a 7000 loan and expect to pay 11000 + interest in 7 days? Please have these guys thoroughly investigated before things get out of hand…


Wait a minute, o. Do they still expect someone to pay after defaming their character? Bastards In this country, Chinese slave style exists.


I’m not sure what to do right now; if everyone is fine, no one would have to go collect the loan. The easimoni loan app and staffs have graduated from defrauding people of their hard-earned money to life threatening actions they have declared me wanted after five transactions. Just because my salary have not being paid and I’ve been due for a loan repayment as of yesterday nothing had not said to me.


I have long been looking for how to report this particular loan App nairaplus. They’ve been threatening me with all kind of ill messages. I did took a Loan of 10k to repay 12,700 for 7 days which I initially ended up doing after 8days as I couldn’t make the payment on Sunday due to my busy schedule. I repaid it very early on Monday.

That made up the 8th day, repayment was confirmed after which I deleted the app off my phone. Ever since I did this, it’s been one repeated messages to another with threat of sending messages to my contacts and labelling me a criminal. I still have the payment confirmation in my inbox.

I’m in desperate need of assistance, and I’d want to report these con artists.



Please, this type of lending should be prohibited in Nigeria since the manner they scare individuals can force them to commit suicide. Our government should look into this.


These app loans should be outlawed in Nigeria because the threats they make to us are excessive; they even called me to say they were going to arrest me because I received a loan of #7000 and had to repay the money with a 10% interest rate, which is increasing every day.

I’m only a student, do they think we’d be delighted to borrow money and not pay it back if it weren’t for the fact that we’re students, and they’re even threatening to publish my picture on social media and in the newspaper to prove that I’m a fraud? It shouldn’t be like that.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

These threats are becoming excessive.

If things keep continuing like this, I’m probably going to kill myself; I don’t even have piece of mind.

Adeoti Tope

I have been and continue to be a victim. And I’m paying the price for the implications of these loan applications. SOKOLOAN, NCash, and Gocash are particularly unjust, and their employees are nasty, using derogatory language. They have even threatened to bury my mother if she does not repay their debt. When you take out loans from me and default for 1 or 2 days, you’re in danger.

Now that I’m having problems with this app, Ncash, I paid them back by moving money into a Wema bank account that was set up in my name (Monify), which automatically cleared up my loan with the app. Now I accidentally sent money into that account again, which I should have gotten someone to reverse on a normal day, but they don’t have a company phone number, and the idiotic email they left isn’t real. I’m not sure what’s going on here.


As I type, my name is everywhere now on my contacts with a message suggesting that I am a fraudster since my mother died of illness and I was getting this loan to buy drugs for her. They have tarnished my image everywhere now, so please assist me.


These loan apps nearly drove me to commit suicide last week, 9cash and Gocash have been sending messages to my contacts, I defaulted due to a family emergency, I tried explaining to them to please wait until the end of the month, but they refused, they even called my mother, father, uncles, and aunties, sending messages to them that I was a criminal on the run, my mother called me crying, my father was almost crying, my uncle called saying I ruined the family name, and the worst part

As a result of them, I’ve developed depression.


This so-called internet lender, 9cash, needs to be captured since they are the true robbers. 9cash offered out a loan of #5200 with a 7-day repayment period. Haha, too bad, I later learned we were working for them…if you think about it, you borrowed money and are paying back twice as much, so where is your profit? Please, CBN, put a stop to this before it becomes #endsars# part 2.


Lcredit is the source of my issue. How can you try to pay back a debt when all of their payment platforms are down, and the late payment cost keeps rising and rising? In fact, if you fail three times, the system will freeze for 24 hours. I believe it is on purpose. One of their agents even admitted that the app’s network is terrible. I even protested to their agents over WhatsApp, but received no response until after I’d spent the money I had, at which point they sent me an account number but no account name to deposit to. All of this is supported by screenshots.


I just wish people could properly gather and borrow from these apps before allowing them to post and become exhausted.

Every one of us is a victim.

Mine was only a day late, and I answered the phone in the morning but had to go to an office meeting. They called again about 12 p.m., but I was unaware because my phone was on mute due to a board meeting, and I was the secretary at the time.

As soon as I exited the conference, I began receiving text messages and phone calls from everyone on my contact list. I’ve saved my other two lines on my phone so that I may send and receive texts on them as well.

Was a disaster


My brother received a loan through the GoCash app, which I paid back when I found out on August 8, 2021, but they continue to send threats to my family from this number: +234 704 931 4320. I’m sick of it, and it’s starting to irritate me.

Enugu’s Duke

I know a man who poisoned himself over the same garbage, and my cousin, if he wasn’t so stubborn, would have done the same. The approaches are just too unpleasant and uncivilized (and no, I’m not racist, but most of these businesses are run and controlled by Chinese foreigners).

Their goal is to introduce their diseased culture into Africa, which they have successfully executed in their communist and racist nation, and our governments have ZERO control over their actions due to their massive debt. allowing them to play havoc with people’s sense of self

What is left of Africans after absurd interest rates and absurd time frames (even by Google’s standards)? Return to Slavery? Slavery to escape embarrassment? Another race this time? No way, I’m not on board with this.

I’m not in favor of defaulting, but they should either restrict their retrieval methods or be barred from using them. They are clearly insensitive and unconcerned about the loss of life and how it impacts an individual’s mental health. HOW MUCH FOR ALL OF THIS? abeg abeg abeg abeg abe


My wife was on the verge of committing suicide as a result of their threats, and she is still depressed. whether there’s anything we can do to help me out of this predicament. Thank you very much.

Deborah Chukwuedo is a Nigerian actress.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s been going on for quite some time. Chinese nationals own a portion of these businesses. I once emailed CBN, but they advised me to first file a complaint with the institution and obtain a registration number. Some of them even force debtors to beg for money on the side of the road to repay their loans. It’s really awful.


I’m going to sue them and make a big claim against them.

Thank you for providing this information. My family began phoning me to verify what happened between me and Ncash only yesterday, and I became a victim. The worst thing is that they labeled me and my family as wanted criminals, and they sent a defamatory text to my contact, accusing me of using them as guarantors and collecting a loan from them.

Furthermore, the default charges continue to mount.


This is now standard procedure for loan applications.

To be honest, it’s not a smart idea to not pay back money you’ve borrowed legally. It is, however, occurring to me.

However, there is a risk that a circumstance will arise that will cause you to fail to meet your responsibilities. You may invest and lose everything, but these folks are unconcerned. Please don’t worry about the sms because if you do, you may endanger yourself. Just try to repay them. It’s difficult to recover from a failed investment, especially if your wealth is borrowed.

It’s due of an untrustworthy legal system.

What would a stranger know about my life?

That is a breach of privacy, and I believe it is incorrect.

How Unethical Practices Of Staff Are Killing Borrowers in Nigeria

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