Kuda: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022
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Kuda: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022

Kuda: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022. Kuda is a rapid loan and online banking app that calls itself “The Bank of the Free” and has a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Kuda Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022

Kuda provides you with a rapid loan while also assisting you in increasing your savings and taking control of your finances.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kuda?

– Create an account in seconds. Every month, Kuda offers 25 free transfers, as well as free debit and credit alerts.
– With our saving and budgeting capabilities, you can quickly save and plan – and earn up to 15% yearly interest!
– When you use your Kuda account frequently and borrow money whenever you need it, you qualify for instant cash overdrafts. You will not be charged any fees for card or account maintenance at Kuda. We’ll even provide you with a complimentary debit card.


How to Register and Get a Loan from Kuda

Kuda is the place to be. In Just Two Simple Steps:

1. Create an account: Download the app and create an account.
2. Fund your account: Add a debit card, transfer money from another bank’s app or through online banking to your Kuda account, send money by USSD, or deposit cash at one of our partner banks.


Please contact us at any time at help@kudabank.com.

Click here to download the Kuda app from the Google Play Store.

Kuda Reviews from Google Playstore

Ronald Okhidievbie – September 7th, 2021
This used to be my favorite banking app, but it’s now my least favorite. Apart from the fact that they never responded to my two enquiry emails, the application has given me an overdraft that I did not apply for or use, and they are now informing me that I must pay the overdraft within a week. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Apart from all of that, they are refusing to let me change the name of my next of kin, and they have not responded to my emails on those two issues. I would no longer suggest this program to anyone, and I would not urge anyone to continue to use it. I could forgive the late cards since I understood, but these two concerns are ridiculous! If I could, I would have awarded 0 stars at this point.

Abiodun, Salman – September 21, 2021
So far, using Kuda App has been a positive experience. The app isn’t broken; in fact, it’s quite good. And their customer service is excellent. They don’t hesitate to send you emails about anything that’s going on with your account. So far, the Bank has proven to be dependable; I hope they do not stray from this good route, and I want to continue to enjoy their services.

Legend of Sola – October 2nd, 2021
Kuda had been my go-to payment app until it decided to show me “pepper” of late. On September 7, I used the app to make a payment… My account was debited, but the money was never received by the recipient. So I repaid the money, anticipating to receive a reimbursement once the “failed transaction” was sorted out by the bank. After a series of back-and-forth talks, it’s been almost a month and I still haven’t received a refund.

Emmy sung – October 4th, 2021
The software is great, but when attempting to make a transfer, the bank cannot be located using the ussd code from another bank. I’d appreciate it if they could add a USD code to the bank. When transferring money from another bank using a ussd code or when a person does not have data. Thanks.


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