LCredit: How Loan Apps Are Spying Your Banking, Sms, And Contact Details
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LCredit: How Loan Apps Are Spying Your Banking, Sms And Contact Details

In this article, you are going to see LCredit: How Loan Apps Are Spying Your Banking, Sms, And Contact Details. From what we have given below, you will know what to do.

LCredit: How Loan Apps Are Spying Your Banking, Sms And Contact Details

We want to let you know that Google has removed LCredit, Rapid Transfer, and some other yet-to-be-identified quick loan apps from its Play Store for breaking its operational regulations.

Because the loan app was detected by Play Protect, the security system on Google Play Store that analyzes apps hosted on its network, as being involved in illegal and fraudulent activity, LCredit was blacklisted by Google and prohibited from its Play Store, according to our study.

Google noticed that the LCredit app was attempting to spy on its users’ phone contacts, recordings, photos, and other personal information on their Android devices, in violation of Google’s privacy policies.


LCredit: How Loan Apps Are Spying Your Banking, Sms And Contact Details

LCredit loan application

“This app (LCredit App) aims to spy on your personal data such as sms messages, photographs, audio recording, or call history,” Play Protect by Google informed users yesterday. It went on to say that users should uninstall the blacklisted LCredit app from their phone right now, and that if they don’t, they’re doing it at their own peril.

A lot of customers have confirm that the app is secretly spying on their phones without tyhem knowing.

One of these is “Truly LCredit do spy on individual account, phone storage, contacts, messages and start calling your contacts and messaging them on WhatsApp and through normal messaging,” Folafaith told us on October 22, 2021 at 6:48 a.m. If you don’t pay even for a day, they’ll contact all of your contacts and label the individual a fraudster.”

“This scam activity is not exclusive to LCredit; several other loan applications, such as Sokoloan, Credit9ja, True Naira, Naira Plus, KasKash, and Easycredit, engage in it as well.” Sokoloan, for example, will tell you to sell your house to repay them, despite the fact that you are unwell.”

“Most of these blatantly phony quick loan applications snoop on your private information,” said Tunji Adeleke on October 22, 2021 at 7:04 a.m. They also monitor your SMS alerts to see when you get paid and other details. They’ll gather your phone contact list and start sending them threat messages and even calling some of them.”

Another respondent, George, presents his own account on October 21, 2021 at 2:43 pm:

“Hello, my name is George…

I’m here to tell you about my bad experiences with GoCash, 9ja Cash, Fast Money, Sokoloan, KashKash, Easy Credit, Okash, and other loan apps, as well as what they did to me and others…

I believe it is unethical to contact people’s phone connections and tell them all kinds of things simply because a client defaulted for a day or two, ruining one’s image because he or she defaulted…

I believe there are better ways to recoup money from customers than threats; many people have been humiliated through this method, and it’s not funny; they must be stopped at all costs; when they did that to me, I told the agent that I wouldn’t pay a dime until they undo the damage they had done to me by portraying me as a criminal on the run.

If what I’m reading is accurate, may God bless whoever decided to put a stop to them.”

Another app user was perplexed by the phrase We. “I can’t find LCredit app on google again, what actually happened?” says Vivian on October 21, 2021 at 2:21 pm. Because I borrowed from them.”

On October 21, Obinna Michael expressed his dissatisfaction with the loan application. “Money that has been paid with proof of transaction slips, LCredits lending app keeps sending messages to contacts,” he adds to the query. If their systems are broken, they should repair them before entering the industry!”

Remember from yesterday’s story that LCredit is a quick online lending app that, despite thousands of successful downloads on the Google Play Store, lacks an online presence in the form of a website or a single physical location. Of course, this was a red signal on the now-banned loan app.

Many of these lending applications have no physical business address, no website, and others don’t even have an internet presence, but they managed to sneak into the Google Play Store and start defrauding impoverished Nigerians of their hard-earned money.

When more of these lending applications are revealed to be breaching Google’s set down regulations, Google should shut them down.

We also want to point out that some apps on the Play Store are breaking Google’s loan and payback policies, and we urge the company to enforce its regulations and bring them to justice. The fate of Nigerian consumers is in jeopardy. This platform has also urged regulatory authorities to enforce local laws against loan sharks.


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