Top 59 Loan Apps In Nigeria to Borrow Money in 2022
Nigeria Loan App

Top 59 Loan Apps In Nigeria to Borrow Money in 2022

In this blogs post, i have carefully written top 59 loan apps in Nigeria to borrow money in 2022. I have stated their features, information on interest rates, repayment schedules, and other factors. Avoid using fake apps, checkout our best selection below.
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In Nigerian banks, the process of getting a short-term loan might take a long time for somebody who only needs a little amount of money for a brief period.

The Fintech revolution in Nigeria has made it easier for businesses and people to have access to short-term loans, thanks to online lending entrepreneurs.

Listed below are top 59 loan apps In Nigeria to borrow money in 2022.

So if you want to support your online business, offline business, paying your utility bills then then obtaining personal loans from the below sources is hereby recommended.

Table of Contents

Top 59 Loan Apps In Nigeria to Borrow Money in 2022

Below are the top 59 loan apps In Nigeria to borrow money in 2022 when it comes to best loan app in Nigeria.

1. 9credit Loan App

2. 9ja Cash Loan App

3. Zedvance Loan App

4. Pocket Loan App (Abeg)

5. Access More Loan App

6. Aella Credit Loan App

7. Alat By Wema Loan App

8. Branch Loan App

9. C24 Loan App

10. Carbon Loan App

11. Cashcredit Loan App

12. Chipper Cash Loan App

13. Coolbucks Loan App

14. Creditall Loan App

15. Easemoni Loan App

16. Easy Loan App

17. Easybuy Loan App

18. Easymoni Loan App

19. Ez Cash Stanbic Loan App

20. Fair Loans Loan App

21. Fairmoney Loan App

22. Fcmb Bank Loan App

23. Firstmonie Loan App

26. GoCash Loan App

27. Grofin Loan App

29. Gtworld Quick Credit Loan App

30. Icoin Loan App

31. icredit Loan App

32. Lcredit Loan App

33. imoney Loan App

34. KashKash Loan App

35. Lendigo Loan App

40. Lidya Loan App

41. Migo Loan App

42. Money In Minutes Loan App

43. Ncash Loan App

44. Newcredit Loan App

45. Okash Loan App

46. Opay Loan App

47. Page Financials Loan App

48. Palmcredit Loan App

51. Palmpay Loan App

52. Specta Loan App

53. Quickcheck Loan App

54. Renmoney Loan App

55. Sokoloan Loan App

56. Umba Loan App

57. ALAT by Wema Loan App

58. Xcross Cash Loan

59. Zenith Mobile Loan App

9 Benefits Of Choosing An Online Loan App in Nigeria

Below are the benefits of choosing an online loan app in Nigeria for personal loans.

1. Zero physical documentation is required

when borrowing through an internet loan application. This eliminates the need to visit a bank or other institution. On the loan app or website, you can upload the paperwork needed to apply for a loan.

2. Easy application:

A lot of trustworthy banks, organizations, and businesses provide instant loans with an easy and quick loan application process.

PaySense provides quick personal loans with simple application procedures. Your loan will be granted as soon as you download the app or visit the PaySense website, register, and upload the necessary paperwork.

When your loan request is processed, you’ll be notified.

3. Rapid processing of Loans

Historically, applying for a loan took at least a few days. The loan approval process used to take up to a month in some situations.

However, the growth of the fintech industry and the introduction of online loan apps have completely altered it.

Today, the typical wait time for a loan approval is measured in minutes. You can quickly receive loan approval using the PaySense rapid lending app.

4. Flexibility in loan amount and tenure:

When you take out an immediate personal loan, you have freedom in terms of loan amount and loan term.

With online money lending applications, you can obtain a loan between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 5,00,000. Depending on your qualifications, you may choose any loan amount from this range.

The loan’s term is subject to the same rules. With online loan applications, you can take out a loan for a length of three months to sixty months.

5. Accessibility at all times: 

Online loan applications include an accessibility at all times option. You can apply for a loan at any moment of the day by simply downloading an app from the Apple or Google app stores.

With money lending apps, you have access to money whenever you want.

6. Convenience:

Obtaining a loan no longer requires waiting in line for hours at a bank. You may conveniently receive loan approval while lounging in your house thanks to straightforward, user-friendly online lending apps that are compatible with all devices.

It takes hardly any time or effort to apply for a loan; all you have to do is download any of the loan apps in Nigeria above.

7. Loan Can Be Used For Personal Use and Business Purposes

You can use the money for personal or business needs when you take out a loan using online loan applications.

You are not required to give a justification for obtaining the loan. You can buy a house with the money from your fast loan or utilize it for urgent needs like a medical emergency.

You are not required to explain why you are taking out the loan to the lender.

8. It is Transferred directly to your bank account:

Even once your loan has been granted, it can frequently take a while and be difficult to get the money transferred to you.

But with online lending apps that provide a direct transfer option, that is not the case.

9. There is the availability of Small-ticket borrowing

Instant personal loans are available through instant lending apps in the amount of ranging from 1,000 Naira and above to 100,000+, although some claims they provide up to 300,000 naira.

According to your eligibility and needs, you can use instant lending applications to obtain an instant loan. You won’t have to worry the next time you need a small-ticket loan because you already know how advantageous it is to use an online lending app.

1. 9credit Loan App

9credit Loan App, Okash Loan App Download and Installation For Android And iPhone

This is the first loan apps in Nigeria on our list. A Nigerian mobile-based platform for personal loans is called 9Credit. To meet customers’ financial needs for various requirements, such as the purchase of mobile phones, medical needs, bill payments, etc., the lending app offers collateral-free online loan services.

The short-term loans available on this site are for personal use only and typically start at 8 days for new borrowers.

Over 1 million users have downloaded the play store app 9credit, which has received a mixed bag of customer evaluations. The app employs AI to gather data on potential users, including phone records, bank transaction notifications, and BVN to calculate each borrower’s credit score.

Make sure to keep recent bank transaction messages on your phone and avoid having any unpaid balances with other lending applications in order to be eligible for a loan or bigger amounts!

What are the requirements?

  1. be a legal resident or citizen of Nigeria.
  2. preferably between the ages of 22 and.
  3. Have a monthly source of income.
  4. Connect your bank card to your account.
  5. Give the contact information for two of your closest relatives.
  6. own a high credit score and have no unpaid debt to other lenders.
  7. have an active bank account in Nigeria.

How to Download and Apply for 9credit loan

  1. Install the 9Credit App on your Android phone after downloading it from the Google Playstore.
  2. Create a profile using your phone number.
  3. Include your living address, next of kin, and employment information in the form.
  4. Your Biometric Verification Number, or BVN, will also be needed.
  5. To improve your chances and receive a larger loan amount, link your ATM card to your account.
  6. Your phone will receive a one-time password OTP to authenticate your information.
  7. Your credit score will be analyzed by the algorithm once you submit your loan application, and the results will be displayed in the APP.
  8. The loan sum will be transferred immediately into the bank account upon approval.
  9. 9Credit loan disbursement happens instantly, therefore the entire procedure ought to take under five minutes.

Download 9credit loan app

9Credit loan app interest rate?

Loan Amount: 3,000 to 100,000 Nigerian Naira; loan term: between 62 and 120 days; Interest Rate: 0.07 percent each day (25.55% annually);

Processing fee: Depending on the loan amount and the application’s specifics, this one-time fee can be anywhere between NGN 90 and NGN 2,000;

GST: According to the legislation and policy, 18% of the processing fee;
Annual Percentage Rate: up to 74.2 percent (including interest, processing fees, and GST);

Example: If you borrow NGN10,000 for 62 days at a rate of 25.55 percent annually, the interest will be NGN10,000 * 25.55 percent / 365 * 62 = NGN434

Processing Fee = 620 NGN GST = 620 NGN * 18% = 111 NGN

The total that must be paid is calculated as follows: NGN 10,000 + NGN 434 + NGN 620 + NGN 111.6 = NGN 11,165.

APR is equal to (NGN 11,165.6 – NGN 10,000) / NGN 10,000 / 62 * 365, which comes to 68.62 percent.

If you’re borrowing for the first time, your loan amount and term will likely be much smaller than those shown below in terms of interest rate and tenure.

By maintaining accurate records and promptly repaying loans, you can raise your amount.

2. 9ja Cash Loan App

9ja Cash Loan App

Micro and medium-term short-term personal loans of up to 80,000 are available through the 9jaCash loan app, an easy to use Nigerian mobile loan application.

The loan app’s user interface is first-rate, and the signup process is simple. You can apply for a loan online with just a few personal details and a copy of your driver’s license or state identification card.

This is the second loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

What are the requirements?

  • Become a legal citizen or resident of Nigeria.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Have a regular source of money.
  • Connect your ATM card to your bank account.
  • Give the names and contact information for two of your closest relatives.
  • Have a high credit score and no outstanding debts with any other lenders; this is crucial.
  • You must have a personal bank account.
  • Your BVN must be linked to the phone number you provided.
  • Have a government-issued ID card that is current and valid.

How to Download 9jaCash loan app

1. For Android users, the 9jaCash Personal Loan App can be found exclusively on Android and can be installed on your phone.

2. Sign up for an account using your phone number.

For security reasons, you should use the phone number associated with your BVN as the source of your one-time password.

3. Set up a basic profile for Kwow-your-customer KYC by entering your home address, contact information for the next of kin, and where you work

4. Biometric verification number BVN will also be required for your registration.

It costs N50 to link your ATM card to an account so that you can boost your chances of getting a larger loan.

5. To verify your information, an OTP (one-time password) will be issued to your phone.

6. Your credit score will be evaluated by the software once you submit your loan application, and the final result will be displayed in the APP.

7. Within two minutes, the results will be presented, and if you qualify, the loan will be deposited directly into your bank account.

8. To prove your identity, you’ll need to take a clear live selfie using your phone, so make sure it has plenty of storage.

9jaCash loan interest rate?

You can borrow as little as N5,000 and as much as N80,000, and you have 60 to 180 days to repay the loan. Monthly payments are the norm for us.

Our credit rating algorithm determines our minimum interest rate, which is 3 percent per month, and our highest interest rate, which is 10 percent per month.

This results in an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranging from 36% to 120%.

If you choose to repay a loan package of N10,000 (Principal) over a 6-month term at a monthly interest rate and charge of 3% (36 percent annual percentage rate).

You would have to pay back N1,966.67 per month for the duration of the loan. By the conclusion of the six months, you would have paid N11,800 in total.

If you’re borrowing for the first time, your loan amount and term will likely be much smaller than those shown below in terms of interest rate and tenure.

By maintaining accurate records and promptly repaying loans, you can raise your amount.

This is the second loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

3. Zedvance Loan App

Zedvance Loan App

This is the 3rd loan apps in Nigeria on our list. With a few changes, Zedvance Finance Limited’s MoneyPal mobile lending app has been relaunched with the goal of making loans easily and quickly accessible to millions of Nigerians.

An improved user interface, an easier application process, and access to additional nano loans are all features of the new mobile application. This is a step in the process of redefining the app as a lifestyle item.

With the new app, both new and existing customers can now obtain nanoloans of up to N100,000 in a matter of minutes.

This is available to everyone between the ages of 18 and 55 who has an active bank account, BVN, email address, and phone number.

As new and existing customers can now repay their nano loans within 15 – 90 days, based on the loan amount requested, users can now check their credit history and learn more about their loans using the revised app.

Learn more below.

How much can you borrow from Zedvance?

You are able to borrow up to N5 million with a loan from Zedvance. A prime illustration would be: A total of N500,000 was obtained as a loan for a period of one year. Three and a half percent is the monthly interest rate.

What are the interest rates for Zedvance?

What kind of interest rates does Zedvance offer its customers?

Loans from Zedvance typically come with interest rates ranging from approximately 12% to 45%.

Are there any additional fees for Zedvance?

There are no additional charges to worry about.

If you borrow NGN 20,000.00 for one month, the amount that you are required to repay each month is NGN 21,093.30. After doing a risk evaluation, the eventual repayment amount can change.

What do you need to take up a Zedvance loan?

The following are documents needed for a Zedvance loan application:

1. Identification documents such as a passport, national ID card, and driver’s license

2. The Request of Account Statement form, which you must complete and submit to your bank for the loan officer’s approval

3. Your Employee Identity Card, which serves as proof of your job.
a mandate for direct debit

4. Your Social Security Number, pension statement, and employment letter
a passport photo with your face plainly visible.

5. You must offer guarantors who are employees on a permanent basis at your place of business for the protection of freelancers or contract-term workers.

How to Apply for Zedvance Loan

How to Apply for Zedvance Loan

The following fields are required to get the Zedvance loan:

Step 1: provide your email – Personal email address

Step 2: Input your mobile number (Linked with your BVN)

Step 3: Supply your BVN Number

Step 4: Type your Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd)

Step 5: Provide your Referrer – (Optional)

Step 6: Create a new Password – Confirm Password

Step 7: State how you heard about them e.g. I heard about Zedvance loan app through

Visit the Zedvance loan sites to apply for the loan.

4. Pocket Loan App (Abeg)

Pocket Loan App (Abeg)

The Abeg app is a Nigerian financial technology that facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) cash transactions between users. The developers of this app have a dream of creating a payment system that is analogous to CashApp or PayPal, neither of which is currently accessible to users in Nigeria.

Pocket loan is the fourth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

How to install and signup on the Abeg Loan app

Here is how to download and register for the Abeg loan app

1. Download the Abeg app from the IOS app store or Google Play store to get started.

2. Open the app by clicking it, then select “Create an account.”

3. Your full name, your mobile phone number, a working email address, and a secure password that you will use to access your Abeg account must all be provided during registration.

4. Activate the one-time password (OTP) delivered to your mobile device.

5. Another OTP will be sent to the registered number associated with your bank verification number (BVN), and you will be needed to validate it.

6. Your registration is complete once you have generated a four-digit Abeg PIN.

==> Download: Pocket by PiggyVest – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Pocket by PiggyVest on the App Store – Apple

Abeg Customer Care Service

  • Email address –
  • Instagram account –
  • Twitter account –

5. Access More Loan App

Access More Loan App

The Access More App is a cutting-edge mobile payment application that provides a more comprehensive experience than traditional banking does.

The app is designed to facilitate the completion of our customers’ financial transactions, provide them with payment solutions, and allow them to have a lifestyle experience.

Downloading the app and completing the onboarding process so they can use the platform without any problems makes it possible for prospective consumers to become account holders.

The app was developed using cutting-edge technology to provide our consumers with easy-to-use, customised, and personalized services.

Access More by Access Bank is the fifth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Features of Access More Loan App

The App offers the following special functions:

1. swift account creation

2. Colors and a theme that are unique to you

3. custom-made dashboards

4. One click to access all of your favorite features

5. Self-generated QR codes for bank-to-bank transfers

6. Pay using a QR scan.

7. financial services

8. Daily Loan

9. Obtaining a visa for Dubai

10. buying movie tickets

11. improved handling of beneficiaries

12. efficient payment of debts

13. Transfers between banks

14,. Simpler than ever international money transfer service

15. Airtime reloading

16. Paycheck Services (New cheque book request, stop and confirm cheque)

17. Payment Services (New debit card request, card block and unblock)

18. Transfers to accounts at Access Y’ello

19. Gaming and a lot more….

How to download Access More Loan App

Install the Access More App after downloading it below.

Existing users of the Access Mobile App can log in using the same username and password and conduct transactions using their current PIN.

Users of the Diamond Mobile App who already have an account can login using their credentials and conduct transactions using their current PIN.

Simply launch the downloaded app and sign up if you’re a new user.

==> Download: Access More – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Access More on the App Store – Apple

6. Aella Credit Loan App

Aella Credit Loan App

Access More Aella is a financial technology application that was developed as a means of streamlining immediate credit and payment solutions for developing countries in Asia and Africa.

The purpose of the application is to facilitate financial transactions and related services such as loans, micro-insurance plans, investments, bill payments, and money transfers.

You can do all of them with a single flick of your fingertips.

Loan Amount: 90,000

Tenure: 3 Months

Interest Rate: 30%

Monthly Interest: 9,000

Monthly Repayment: 39,000

Processing Fee: None

Late Repayment Fee: None

APR: 120%/annum

How to Apply for Aella loan

  1. Install the Aella App.
  2. Set up an account.
  3. Update your account.
  4. determine eligibility
  5. Request a loan
  6. Instantly receive money in your wallet.

==> Download: Aella App: Instant loans, bills payment and more – Google Play

==> Download: Aella App on the App Store – Apple

That has been Aella the sixth is the fifth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

7. Alat By Wema Loan App

Alat By Wema Loan App

ALAT is another immediate lending app in Nigeria that we recommend for those looking for cash advances without credit checks or collateral.

All Alat users can apply for loans using the Alat App or website. ALAT by Wema Bank is the seventh loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Like everything else on ALAT, you may now apply for a rapid loan without providing any collateral or paperwork, without having to visit any physical locations, and the period between your application being accepted and your loan being disbursed is measured in minutes.

There is no longer a collateral requirement for loans up to N2,000,000 (two million naira).

How to Apply for Loan Through Alat By Wema

If you haven’t already, log in to ALAT or register.

1. Select “Loans” from the menu options.

2. Upon completion of the credit evaluation and checks, a loan offer is displayed with the terms and interest rate based on the user’s current risk score.

3. Read the Terms & Conditions, which include permission to have your account deducted for repayment at the loan due date, and agree to them.

4. Then, submit your debit card information so that it can be debited.

A credit will be applied to your account right away.

==> Download: ALAT – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: ALAT on the App Store

8. Branch Loan App

Branch Loan App

Branch is one of the most reliable and fastest-paying mobile loan applications available in Nigeria.

It is a financial lending app that makes it easy for consumers in Nigeria and a few other countries to acquire a quick loan of up to 500,000 naira, to transfer money for free, and to earn investment rewards of 20 percent per annum.

Some of the other countries it serves include Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

Branch is the eight loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Branch Loan App Requirement

The only requirements are:

1. your phone number or Facebook account,

2. bank account number, and

3. bank verification number (BVN).


they will ask to access the information on your phone in order to raise your credit score.

==> Download: Branch – Personal Loan App – Apps on Google Play

Note: Branch loan app is not available on Apple store

9. C24 Loan App

C24 Loan App

One of the loan companies in Nigeria that provides loans without collateral is C24 Limited.

Money to keep you going, the company’s tagline, implies that C24 is aware of the fact that, despite any financial difficulties, life must go on and bills must be paid.

With a quick and flexible loan application that takes five minutes to complete, they offer solutions to your financial troubles.

C24 loan is the 9th loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

C24 Loan Requirements

Below are the C24 Loan Conditions

1. Requirements for a C24 Bank Loan

2. Recent photo ID and a professional letter from your workplace asking for financial assistance

3. Direct debit authorization

4. A copy of the most recent utility bill you received.

5. Identification that may be relied upon.

6. To be eligible for a loan, you must be working or have worked for at least six months before to applying.

7. You must be at least 22 years old to apply.

8. Yourbank account must be functional.

9. You’ll need a long enough track record of transactions to prove their reliability.

C24 Loan Interest Rate

The C24 loan offers a monthly interest rate of 4% and a one-time administration charge of 4%.

The administration charge is already included in your repayment plan, so don’t worry.

The loan can be repaid over a period of three to nine months through direct debit, checks, or POS terminals.

==> Download: C24 Bank – Apps on Google Play

10. Carbon Loan App

Carbon Loan App, How to apply for carbon loan, Carbon Loan App Guide

The rapid lending app Carbon, which was originally known as Paylater, comes in at number two on our list of available options in Nigeria.

Digital loan from Carbon do not demand collateral or guarantors. If you start off by taking out a little loan and making all of your payments on time, you will eventually be able to get access to larger amounts of money. If you try to get access to large sums of money on your first attempt, you may be unsuccessful.

The platform for the loan application can be accessed at any time. You can submit an application for rapid cash even on weekends and holidays, and if approved, you can receive a loan quickly.

Carbon is the 10th loan apps in Nigeria on our list, now lets checkout its features

Features of Carbon Loan App

  • Access up-to ₦1,000,000
  • No collateral. No guarantors. No paperwork
  • Get cashback on interest paid once you repay on time

How to Apply for Carbon Loan

1. Download the app

Get the Carbon App on Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

2. Create an account

Get one step closer to getting access to credit by providing us with your personal details. It’s safe and secure.

3. Apply for your desired loan

Go ahead and let us know how much you need. We will review your application and let you know where you stand.

4. Get money in your Carbon wallet instantly

Once approved, we will disburse the funds in your account almost imediately.

No Hidden fees: Pay only what you owe. No late fees, rollover fees, or processing costs.

==> Download: Carbon: Savings, Loans, Bills – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Carbon: Secure banking & loans 4+ – App Store – Apple

11. Cashcredit Loan App

CashCredit is one of the most popular mobile apps in Nigeria for obtaining a quick loan. Users of mobile devices will benefit from the easy access to loan services.

There are only a few simple procedures and a small amount of paperwork required to receive approved loan products that are entirely online.

The applicant’s bank account will be credited with the loan amount as soon as the loan is approved.

CashCredit is the eleventh loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Features of Cashcredit Loan App

1. TYhe loan amount ranges from NGN 7,000 to NGN 100,000 for borrowers.

2. Long Loan Term: 91 days up to a year and one day.

3. An sophisticated online process allows for round-the-clock access to loans.

4. The lack of a credit history is unimportant.

5. Receive loans instantly: Loans are available 24 hours a day.

Carbon Loan Requirement

1. Properly completed application form and passport-size photos

2. KYC records: Driving license, passport, voter ID card, PAN card, water/electricity bills, and driver’s license

3. Income Evidence: recent six-month bank statement

4. Business PAN card Business Incorporation Certificate Business Address Proof

5. Ownership evidence: Company action

6. Security/collateral information

And any further paperwork the lender may ask

How to Apply for Cashcredit Loan

to apply please ensure that you have gotten the above requirements. If yes, please follow the link below to download and install the loan app so you can start accessing loans right away.

==> Download: Cash Credit App – Loans – Apps on Google Play

12. Chipper Cash Loan App

A user of the student loan payback app Chipper can better manage their debt by learning about clear loan forgiveness programs, cheaper monthly repayment schedules, and a “Round-Ups” tool that allows you to pay off your debt more quickly.

Chipper is a wonderful place to start if you need assistance with repaying your student loans, particularly as the federal debt forbearance period expires in May.

How to Apply for Chipper Cash Loan

– Download the app and enroll in Chipper Concierge.

– Arrange a free 1-on-1 consultation with a student loan specialist to receive the answers to your questions about student loans!

– Maximize your forgiveness amount if you’re qualified for it!

– Fill out the papers for the plans and programs that are best for you; we’ll handle the application process!

==> Download: Chipper Cash – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Chipper Cash on the App Store

That has been Chipper the twelfth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

13. Coolbucks Loan App

Online lending platform CoolBucks delivers unsecured loans within minutes of completing your application. Within 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending on your profile.

N5,000,000 can be yours in a matter of minutes with our help. To that end, we provide Smart Money Solutions.

Coolbucks is among the list as the thirteen loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Coolbucks Loan Requirement

1. A salaried income is required of applicants for Coolbucks loans,

2. along with the submission of a properly filled out application form (online),

3. a bank statement covering the previous six months,

4. a letter of employment, and a national ID, passport, or driver’s license, among other required documents.

How to Apply for Coolbucks Loan

1. Go to the Coolbucks website.

2. Select your preferred loan amount and repayment duration using the slider, then click “Submit & sign up.”

3. Enter your email address if you already have an account. If you don’t already have one, click “Register.”

4. Enter your complete name and email address, then select “Register.”

5. To safeguard your account, select and enter a 4-digit pin.

6. Type your phone number into the box and select “Add Phone.”

7. Enter the loan amount information by selecting your preferred loan amount and repayment duration using the slider, then click “Next.”

8. Select your loan purpose and press “Next.”

9. Enter further details about yourself, such as your date of birth, gender, marital status, country of citizenship, and state of origin, and then click “Next.”

10. Add a profile photo

11. Specify your next-of-kin information, including your full name, email address, phone number, address, relationship, kind of residence, street address, state, LGA, number of years you’ve lived there, and the amount of rent you pay each month.

12. Add your employment and company details

13. Validate your account after uploading a bank statement and providing bank information (bank name and account number).

Requirements Summary:

  • 6 months bank statement in PDF format
  • Utility Bill
  • Valid means of Identification (Driver’s license, International passport, National ID card, etc.)
  • Work ID (optional)
  • Employment letter (Except bankers who earn N140,000 and above)

==> Apply Here

App is not yet available on google playstore.

14. Creditall Loan App

CreditAll stands out as one of the most innovative financial technology platforms. Creditall is the fourteenth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

For Creditall to be able to offer you financial mobility whenever you need it for whatever you need it for, you have to be a Nigerian.

Creditall services are founded on cutting-edge innovations in mobile internet security technologies as well as big data analysis.

Creditall Loan Requirement

1. You have to be a Nigeria Citizen.
2. Borrowers must be above 18 years old.
3. You are to present a valid Document and proofs.
4. It is obtainable that you have an active bank accounts

Loan amount:

₦3,000 – ₦50,000

Loan term:

the shortest is 91 days, the longest is 365 days

Daily interest rate:


Maximum annual interest rate APR:


Calculating the number is very easy. For example, if you choose a 12-month 10,000 loan principal, we
will show the details below:

Installment plan:




Amount of expenditure:

₦99,63.002. Amount of expenditure = principal – GST – expenses ₦10,000 – ₦369.98 – 0 = ₦99,630.02.
PMT (monthly payment amount): ₦1004.6. PMT = ₦10000 x (1 + 20. 55%)/ 12 = ₦1004.6.

Total interest:


Total amount:

₦12055. Total amount = principal + Total interest = ₦12055.

Total interest rate:

20.55%. Total interest rate = total interest / principal * 100% =, ₦12,055 / ₦10,000 * 100% = 20.55%.

Monthly interest:

1.71%. Monthly interest = total interest rate / installment = 20.55% / 12 = 1.71%.

How to Apply for Creditall Loan

1. Create your account.
2. Apply in seconds.
3. Receive your loan straight into your bank account.
4. Increase your loan limit every time you repay a loan.

==> Download: CreditAll-online cash app – Google Play

15. Easemoni Loan App

You can apply for instant loans with Easemoni, a Nigerian lending service provider, at any time and from any location.

In essence, this loan app gives you a loan without you needing any kind of collateral or even having to visit their office in person.

Simply download their mobile application to your phone to start the loan application process. You’ll get the loan you requested in ten minutes.

Additionally, regardless of whether you are a new or returning customer, this platform gives you the opportunity to request for a loan of N1,000,000 (one million naira).

However, if you use the app frequently and make your loan repayments on time, your credit score will rise.

Easemoni Loan Requirement

These conditions must be met before you can apply for a loan through the EaseMoni lending service.

1. a personal bank account in Nigeria

2. A bank’s verification code is yours (BVN)

3. a working telephone number

4. You must be a Nigerian national and resident.

5. An Android gadget

6. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan with EaseMoni.

7. Additionally, you needed to have a regular source of income.

Easimoni is the 15th loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

How to Apply for Easemoni Loan

The EaseMoni Mobile app is available for direct download and installation from the Google Play Store. It is only 1 MB in size and has received over 1 million downloads.

Over 82,000 individuals have given it a grade of 4.5 in reviews as of right now.

You can create your EaseMoni account and apply for a loan after downloading the EaseMoni mobile app. See the following steps to do that.

1. Register using your bank’s verification code (BVN)

2. provide your mobile number

3. You will receive an SMS containing a “One Time Password” on your phone. Enter the password to continue.

4. Give information about your identify and job.

5. You can now use the app after your account has been created.

6. Tap the “Get Loan” button.

7. The sum that you want to get from EaseMoni should be entered. The EaseMoni app allows you to borrow money in amounts ranging from $3,000 to $1 million.

8. Make your repayment schedule unique. You have three to twelve months to pay back.

9. Enter the information about your bank account, double-check it, and then click “Apply Loan.”

10. Staff from EaseMoni will examine your application. Once it is approved, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account.

==> Download: Easemoni

16. Easy Loan App

EASYLOAN is a revolutionary personal lending platform that was designed to link individuals with their aspirations by making financing and other financial resources conveniently accessible and within their price range.

This loan app is the 16th loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Easy Loan Interest Rate

The interest is accumulated for 120 days at a daily rate of 0.2 percent. Without any additional expenses, the maximum APR is 24 percent.

The minimum and maximum repayment terms are 60 and 120 days, respectively.

For instance, the total cost of your loan would be 12000MNT if you withdrew 100,000 MNT today and used it for 60 days.

After 120 days, the total cost of the loan would be 24000MNT if it were repaid. Monthly interest payments are required, and at the conclusion of the term, the principle must be repaid.

The EasyLoan app can help you with your financial needs. Invest Region LLC.

How to Apply for Easy Loan

1. Register

Register for an account and access your dashboard. It only only a few SIMPLE actions to register.

2. Apply

Use the Easy Loan SIMPLE application method to request the necessary loan amount, and you’ll get an email in response.

3. Documents

Send in the necessary documents as specified in the email. You will also need to provide a bank statement.

4. Disbursement

The loan is disbursed into the designated bank account once it has been approved.

5. Repayment

You start paying back your loan based on how much you agreed to pay and how you want to pay.

==> Download: EasyLoan – Apps on Google Play

17. Easybuy Loan App

An app for mobile lending is called EasyBuy loan. For those who need loans but only have access to half of the money, the easybuy app offers loans.

Users of the easybuy loan app must first make a 30% deposit in order to receive a three- to six-month phone loan. Depending on how long the phone loan is for, monthly interest charges range from 6 to 9 percent.

Easybuy Loan Requirement

1. BVN.

2. ATM Card.

3. Valid ID – International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card or Voter’s Card.

4. And be a regular income earner.

EasyBuy is the seventeen loan apps in Nigeria on our list. Checkout how to apply below.

How to Apply for Easybuy Loan

  1. Find an Easybuy Agent.
  2. Provide necessary details.
  3. Select the Mobile Phone you wish to buy.
  4. Sign up for your Easybuy loan.
  5. Make an initial payment of 30%.
  6. Set a convenient repayment term.
  7. Final verification.
  8. Easybuy App Download.

EasyBuy provides the following benefits.

1. Cash On Delivery.

2. Mobile App Transfer.

3. Bank Transfer.

4. And Rave.

To apply, you can move into any reputable phone selling outlets to get started or download the app and follow the procedures.

==> Download: Easy Buy – Apps on Google Play

18. Easymoni Loan App

In Nigeria, the EaseMoni lending application runs as a stand-alone business under Opay and is a legitimate short-term loan service.

Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa are just a few of the African nations where Opay, a Chinese company, has regulated operations.

Easymoni is the eighteenth loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Easymoni Loan Requirement

1. You must be an authorized citizen or resident of Nigeria

2. Attend the age of at least eighteen.

3. Have a monthly source of income.

4. Connect your bank card to your account.

5. Give the contact information for two of your closest relatives.

6. own a high credit score and have no unpaid debt to other lenders.

7. Own a functioning bank account

8. Your phone number ought to match the one on your BVN.

9. Have a valid government-issued ID card.

How to Apply for Easymoni Loan

1. From the Google Play Store, get the EaseMoni APP and install it.

2. Create a profile using your phone number.

3. Usually, the phone number associated with your BVN should receive the one-time password provided to it for confirmation.

4. Enter your basic Know-Your-Customer (KYC) data, such as your home address, next of kin, and employment information.

5. Your Biometric Verification Number, or BVN, will also be needed.

6. Binding your ATM card to your account will cost you N50 and will improve your chances of receiving a larger loan amount.

7. Your phone will receive a one-time password OTP to authenticate your information.

8. Your credit score will be analyzed by software once you submit your loan application, and the results will be displayed in the APP.

9. If you qualify for a loan, the loan amount will be promptly deposited into your bank account when the outcome has been displayed, which should take less than two minutes.

10. You’ll need to shoot a clear live selfiee to verify your identity, so use a smart phone with enough memory.

==> Download: Google Playstore

19. Ez Cash Stanbic Loan App

When it comes to loan apps, on our review this is the 19th loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

The organization has created a unique loan program called Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash specifically for Nigerian companies.

The corporate organizations as you are familiar with them and their SME counterpart are separated by a vast expanse of space.

The vast majority of this space is caused by the various amounts of money that each company has to deal with.

Many commercial banks now provide SMEs with simple access loan packages to close this gap. Everything you need to know about their loan is in this page.

Ez Cash Stanbic Loan Requirement

1. You must have an active Stanbic IBTC account that is at least 12 months old in order to be eligible for this loan.

2. Additionally, you must be older than 18 but younger than 59,

3. You must not have a bad or poor credit score.

How to Apply for

To apply for a loan, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Simply dial *909*44# or log in to your personal Stanbic IBTC mobile application, business online, or internet banking and select Request EZ Cash Supply to get started with the process of requesting EZ Cash Supply funds.

The quantity of money you plan to borrow and how long you expect to have to pay it back are two examples of this.

Step 2:

The next step is to run a credit check to see if you’re eligible. If you’re approved, they’ll give you an interest rate based on your current risk score and the length of the loan.

Step 3:

Click agree after you’ve seen the loan’s terms and conditions. Consider the terms, which include your agreement to have your bank account debited for repayment if you default on a specific date.

Your debit card information would also be necessary.

If you agree to the terms, your account will be promptly credited with the money you requested.

==> Download: StanbicIBTC – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Standard Bank / Stanbic Bank on the App Store

20. Fair Loans Loan App

No matter what your requirements are, it won’t be difficult to get a little cash loan from Fair Loans ranging from $5,000 to $30,000.

Simple, Quick, and Easily Accessible

Can’t hold out for your loan any longer? With our uncomplicated and trouble-free borrowing process, you can get a loan as quickly as possible.

Fair Loans this is the 20th loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

Fair Loans Requirement and Interest Rate

1. a personal bank account in Nigeria

2. A bank’s verification code is yours (BVN)

3. a working telephone number

4. You must be a Nigerian national and resident.

5. An Android gadget

6. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan with EaseMoni.

7. Additionally, you needed to have a regular source of income.

Fair Loans Interest Rate

1. Loan Amount: 5,000 – 30,000 pesos.

2. Loan Term: 90 up to 365 days (3 – 12 Months)

3. Loan Interest rate: Flexible loan rates option, Maximum APR 24% pa

4. Transaction fee: zero

Minimum repayment period is 65 days while the maximum repayment period is 120 days, with a maximum APR is 24% per year

How to Apply for Fair Loans

Get loan in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Create your account

2. Confirm Identification Details

3. Apply your loan

21. Fairmoney Loan App

The key issue is that many individuals who apply for online loans are aware of the online loan app known as FairMoney Loan.

Nevertheless, the main difficulty is that some people still have doubts regarding the authenticity of this app and whether or not it is a fake.

Fairmoney Loan Requirement

There are no requirements for getting a FairMoney loan. Simply sign up on the app and your loan will be processed. This is done without the rigorous due processing like documentation and collateral.

Fairmoney Loan Interest Rate

Loan amounts range between ₦1,500 to ₦1,000,000 with repayment periods from 61 days to 18 months at monthly interest rates that range from 2.5% to 30% (APRs from 30% to 260%)

How to Apply for Fairmoney Loan

  1. Download the Android app from Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up or log in with your phone number or Facebook profile.
  3. Create your profile (for new users) and/or submit an application.
  4. Receive money in your bank account within minutes.

==> Download: Loans with FairMoney Loan App – Apps on Google Play

Fairmoney this is the number twenty-one loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

22. Fcmb Bank Loan App

FCMB is the 22nd loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

For their SME customers, FCMB Quick Loan is a short-term lending facility with quick turnaround times.

Customers have access to loans starting at N20,000 and going up to N10 million within hours, without the need for any type of security, and with flexible monthly repayment options that extend to 180 days.

Customers can apply through FCMB’s mobile or online banking services. For assistance, you may also go to the nearby FCMB Branch.

Fcmb Bank Loan Requirement

1. You must apply for an FCMB fast cash loan to solve an urgent financial need.

2. FCMB must grant you access to fast cash services.

3. The loan will be paid directly to your current or savings account with FCMB. However, non-FCMB customers must use their salary account.

How to Apply for Fcmb Bank Loan

To apply, simply follow the steps below:

1. Launch your Business Banking platform OR log on to

2. Click on Loans and select SME Quick Loan

3. Provide/select your business account number

4. Complete the set of 15 short and quick questions (remember to select or enter eligible amount)

5. Click Submit Request

6. A prompt telling the status of the loan request will pop up

7. Proceed to the nearest FCMB Branch to collect printed offer letter, execute it and engage your account officer to process to disbursement.

8. To get this loan please visit their officail website, or

==> Download: FCMB NEW MOBILE – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: FCMB NEW MOBILE on the App Store

23. Firstmonie Loan App

Only authorized Agents can submit financial requests on behalf of every Nigerian through FirstBank’s official Agent Banking smartphone app, Firstmonie Agent, which is available for both Android and iOS devices (Banked or Unbanked).

Customers now have easier access to banking products thanks to this specific channel, particularly those who live in rural and peri-urban areas without easy access to banks or ATMs.

Services include opening an account, making deposits, withdrawing money, sending money, purchasing airtime, paying bills, and many more.

Firstmonie Loan Requirement

1. Must have a valid BVN.

2. Not have a pending loan.

3. You must be a First bank customer for at least 6 months.

4. Must use your account regularly like sending and receiving transaction.

How to Apply for Firstmonie Loan By First Bank

1. Dial *894#

2. Select Loans

3. Select FirstCredit

4. Select get new loan

5. Select the account number with which you want to apply for the loan

6. Grant data usage consent and accept terms and conditions

7. You are presented with 4 loan amount options

8. Choose your desired loan amount

9. Loan is disbursed into your account

10. You can also complete the application online.

==> Download: Firstmonie Agent – Apps on Google Play

==> Download: Firstmonie Wallet on the App Store

Great that was Firstmonie, the 23rd loan apps in Nigeria on our list.

26. GoCash Loan App

Nigerians can apply for flexible loans through the GoCash personal loan app. The app provides quick and easy loan disbursement online up to NGN 300,000.

The user interface of the program is straightforward and easy to use.

GoCash Loan Requirement

There are a few prerequisites that must be met in order to borrow loans from GOCASH. Below is a list of them.

1. You must be a Nigerian citizen.

2. You must be between the ages of 20 and 55.

3. You will also be asked for some information from GOCASH. They consist of:

4. a unique account number.

5. Your bank’s verification code.

6. Your contact info.

GoCash is the 26th loan apps in Nigeria on our list. Checkout how to apply below

How to Apply for GoCash Loan

1,. Install the GOCASH APP from the Play Store.

2. Register an account.

3. Select the product you would like to apply for.

4. Fill out your basic information, then submit the application.

5. Receive your loan straight into your bank account.

==> Download: Go Cash – Online Loan App – Apps on Google Play

27. Grofin Loan App

One of Nigeria’s financial institutions that is expanding quickly is Grofin. They are a purpose-driven SME lender with a mission to support business owners in growing their enterprises.

However, they do this by offering loans and business support to entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the group holds the view that the SME sector, which generates steady employment, is the most effective engine of social and economic growth.

Grofin Loan Requirement

Check the requirements below:

1. Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, or Uganda must be the location of your company.

2. The Business must be yours.

3. Your company’s revenue must be 1.5 times the loan amount.

4. Your business must have been in operation for at least two years.

5. Your business must be focused on making money.

6. Collateral will be required to secure the loan.

How to Apply for Grofin Loan

To get a loan from Grofin, kindly follow the following procedures:

  • Visit their official website on
  • Click on the Menu Icon on the far right corner of the Page
  • Select the Loan that interests you. It could be either business loans, women’s Entrepreneurs loans or Business support.

After this, they will require you to go through 4 stages. Which includes:

  • Taking Online Assessment
  • Filling an Application form
  • Review of the documents you provided
  • Approval/Rejection.

Get this loan Here

29. Gtworld Quick Credit Loan App

Whether you make a living from a salary or work for yourself, you may now borrow the money you need right away and pay it back over a period of up to 12 months.

You can get money from Quick Credit for up to N5 million at a monthly interest rate of 1.5%.

Zero hidden fees.

Gtworld Quick Credit Loan Requirement

1. Customer must maintain a minimum monthly lodgement of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000

2. Customer must not have any history of dud cheques

3. Customer must have satisfactory credit reports

4. Customer must not have any unpaid obligations

5. Yes, applicant must not be less than 18 years at loan application date and should not be older than 59 years at loan maturity date.

How to Apply for Gtworld Quick Credit Loan

  • You can request for QuickCredit instantly by dialling *737*51*51#
  • QuickCredit is also available on all GTBank online and mobile banking platforms (Internet Banking, GTWorld and GTBank Mobile App)

==> Download: GTWorld – Apps on Google Play


Download this *Documents*

30. Icoin Loan App

Icoin loan app is a smartphone application that facilitates simpler access for individuals to online loans. The platform has recently undergone an overhaul that resulted in the platform’s rebranding to Intcoin loan app.

The most recent version of the icoin loan app is the intcoin loan app, and if you are using an older version, you will receive a notification informing you of the change.

Icoin Loan Requirement

1. The borrower for an Intcoin loan must be between the ages of 20 and 55.

2. You must be a citizen of Nigeria and live there.

3. You need to have a strong credit rating. This can be assessed by the frequency of transactions in your provided bank information, the inflow and outflow of funds, how frequently you conduct transactions, and whether you currently owe money to other lending platforms or are debt-free.

4. During the registration process—referred to as identity on the ICOIN loan app—you must give them true and accurate information.

5. You should be aware that one of the elements affecting how much of a loan you can get depends on your income.

How to Apply for Icoin Loan

A simple download and installation process is all that is required to begin the loan application process on the ICOIN app.

==> Download

31. icredit Loan App

An online loan service in Nigeria called iCredit Loan App provides safe and flexible loans from as little as N1,000 to as much as N50,000 in a couple of minutes. Basically, you can do the entire process on your smartphone in within 5 minutes.

However, your credit score determines the precise loan amount you qualify for. The iCredit loan app uses data from your phone to authenticate your identification while estimating your credit score.

icredit Loan Requirement

1. The loan is exclusively for Nigerian citizens or Nigerian legal residents.

2. You must be between 20 and 60 years old.

3. You must have a verifiable source of monthly income.

How to Apply for icredit Loan

1. Follow the procedures outlined above to download, install, and register for the iCredit app.

2. Apply for a loan by logging into your account and filling out the required fields

3. Your loan will be approved and the funds deposited into your bank account if your credit score fulfills the requirements.

4. Lastly, don’t forget that, every loan you obtain and remit on schedule raises your credit score.

Apply Here

32. Lcredit Loan App

One of the top and safest lending applications in Nigeria, LCredit Loan App, provides adjustable and alluring interest rates. LCredit is the ideal option if you’re looking for a very safe and dependable Android lending app. With no credit history, it is simple to acquire a loan of up to 50,000 transferred into your account within 30 minutes.

Nigerians can apply for immediate loans from LCredit for both personal and professional interests. On the LCredit lending app, you can borrow up to 5,000 for both personal and professional use.

Lcredit Loan Requirement

1. Applicant must be a Nigeria resident

2. Applicant must not be older than 55 years old

How to Apply for Lcredit Loan

1. On your Android phone, download the LCredit app from the Play Store.

2. Now install the LCredit app to your smartphone.

3. Create an account by signing up with your phone number to obtain OTP.

4. Choose the product for which you want to apply.

5. Don’t forget to check your information, then click the submit button.

6. As the system verifies your application, wait before getting profile approval.

7. Finally, ask for the loan payment to be credited to your bank account.

==> Download: Lcredit App

33. imoney Loan App

The iMoney app is a lending service provider that offers borrowers quick and dependable loans without requiring them to present any papers or security in exchange for the loan.

You can get a loan for up to 500,000 using your Android phone if you meet the requirements.

imoney Loan Requirement

1.  A mobile device powered by Android (iMoney is not supported on iPhones)

2. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

3. Nigerian nationality and residency are prerequisites.

4. The candidate must be able to demonstrate a regular monthly income.

5. You’ll also have to provide a contact phone number.

6. Number of your financial institution’s account where you will receive the loan proceeds

7. Your Verification Code from the Bank (BVN)

How to Apply for imoney Loan

1. To get started, launch the app.

2. In the meanwhile, you’ll be taken to the sign-in page.

3. You must provide a phone number that is genuine.

4. A One-Time Password will be sent to you (OTP). To proceed, type in the code.

5. Specify your average monthly income, as well as your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

6. Welcome to your dashboard, press the submit button.

7. You may check your profile, apply for loans, repay loans, and track your credit score from your dashboard. Follow these steps to apply for a loan through the iMoney app.

8. Navigate to the loan application area from your dashboard.

9. To get a loan from the iMoney service, select the amount of money you need. Between 5,000 and 500,000 yen

10. Set up a repayment schedule. Maximum payback period is 6 months, and the shortest repayment period is 3 months

11. Describe your financial situation.

12. Once again, double-check and submit.

13. Upon assessment, your loan request will be either authorized or declined.

34. KashKash Loan App

One of the top loan platforms in Nigeria, Kashkash, provides flexible loans to Nigerians.

In essence, this loan platform gives you immediate loans without any kind of security. You can avoid the hassle of going to the bank to get a loan by doing this.

The main objective of this platform is to offer straightforward, quick, and flexible alternatives for all Nigerians to obtain emergency loans without the need for extensive paperwork or collateral.

KashKash Loan Requirement

1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria

2. Also, you must be within the age range of 22 – 55 years

3. Lastly, you must have a stable source of income

How to Apply for KashKash Loan

To get this loan app, follow these instructions:

1. Take your android mobile device and go to Google Play. If you use an iOS device, open the App Store.

2. Next, type “KashKash” in the search bar.

Download the loan app and register on it to be able to borrow money.

==> Download: Kashcash-personal loan online – Apps on Google Play

35. Lendigo Loan App

Lendigo is a financial technology company with the goal of dominating Nigeria’s financial sector for SMEs with cutting-edge methods and technology.

We give Nigerian SMEs with limited financial resources quick and simple access to working financing that is tailored to their specific needs.

Business owners can easily apply for short-term loans on our platform and complete their application online.

Lendigo Loan Requirement

1. 12 Months’ Bank Statement

2. A Clear Copy of a Valid ID (e.g. Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID, or Permanent Voter’s Card)

3. CAC Documents (Certificate, Forms 2 & 7) if available

How to Apply for Lendigo Loan

Step 1: From the iOS app store or Google Play store, download and install the Lendigo Loan App. Additionally, you can apply online at

Step 2: Create an account and fill out your personal profile.

Step 3: Provide your Financial and Business Information

Step 4: Submit a Loan Request

Step 5: Receive a loan offer based on your information.

Step 6: Your Account gets credited whenever you accept the loan offer.

==> Download: Lendigo Loan App for Businesses – Apps on Google Play

40. Lidya Loan App

Anywhere and whenever, you may access working capital, keep track of your receivables, and send customers invoices.

Your loan applications are reviewed and, if accepted, disbursed the same day, within 48 hours.

For loans, banks require collateral. You don’t need a collateral, 3 years of audited financials, or 5 years of financial plans in order to obtain financing from Lidya.

About 100 data points are analyzed by our algorithms before a conclusion is made.

Lidya Loan Requirement

To create your account, you need:

1. your first name,

2. last name,

3. email address,

4. your phone number.

How to Apply for Lidya Loan

1. Create an account first. Your profile may be created in under 5 minutes.

2. After that, pick a loan type. Based on your demands, choose the sort of loan you want to obtain and submit an application.

3. Finally, get your loan. You will get the loan in your account within 24 hours of submitting your application.

41. Migo Loan App

A cloud-based platform called Migo Loan works with businesses like banks, telecoms providers, and retailers.

It enables these businesses to extend credit to their customers, enhancing conventional banking and card payment processes.

This is accomplished by including Migo in the app for such a business. The clients are then tricked by Migo, who gives them a credit line and a digital account.

Customers can use this credit line to conduct simple and straightforward financial activities as a result.

This company’s top priority is to make wealth accessible to everyone. to completely satisfy customers while reinventing how we access and use credit.

Loan Requirement

Based on the personal information given, Migo Loans determines whether or not a potential client qualifies for a loan. It is simpler for them to meet the requirements for their loans the more information they gather.

In addition, Migo loans don’t demand any security or paperwork in exchange for the loans they offer.

How to Apply for

It’s not hard to get a Migo loan; just follow these instructions to get started.

1. Check out their website.

2. your phone number, please.

3. Decide on the loan amount you want.

4. Upon request, give your bank account information. Where would the loan be put here?

5. Your debit card information would then be registered with Migo for quick payback.

42. Money In Minutes Loan App

Money In Minutes are focused on more than loans, they want to enable sustainability and development across Africa.

They are tackling poverty by providing easily accessible and affordable finance.

Sustainable energy is the future for Africa, we are powering that.

Rent, Land, and Housing finance for sustainable community development.

Loan Requirement

1. Create your account

2. Choose your desired loan

3. Get money in minutes in your bank account

How to Apply for

Step 1

By completing your registration and building your profile, you can access your membership. CLICK HERE to register and set up a profile.

Step 2

Get a loan disbursed into your account in a matter of minutes to meet your needs and aspirations.

Step 3:

Manage your financial well-being by paying back your debts on time or ahead of schedule to reap even greater rewards.

43. Ncash Loan App

As a lending service provider, NCash enables qualified applicants to borrow money and repay it later.

One of the best instant personal loans in Nigeria is offered by NCash.

This article will cover several topics, including how to apply for a loan from NCash, the requirements, how to repay, and much more.

Nigerians may easily buy the products they require while still paying their utility bills on time thanks to the NCash app.

Many borrowers who take out loans and repay them later favor NCash as their preferred lending app.

Loan Requirement

Be at least 18 years old before applying.

Nigerian nationality and residency are prerequisites.

The applicant must be able to provide a steady monthly income.

A smartphone running the Android operating system. (NCash does not work on iOS or Windows smartphones).

Additionally, you’ll need to provide your cell phone number.

You need a BVN to get started.

Borrowing funds will be deposited into this account on your behalf

How to Apply for

You have completed the first step of the procedure after downloading and installing the app. The next thing to do is register an account with NCash.

Open the app.

A page for logging in and signing up will appear.

hit the register button

Before the app can move forward, some permissions will be requested, and you must grant them access.

When registering, provide your mobile number and click “Send Code.”

You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) to the phone number you supplied. Input the OTP to continue.

Information boxes on the following page need to be filled out. Here, you will also need to answer a few questions and provide information about your employment.

Verify your information twice and submit

Your dashboard will then be shown.

Applying for a loan should now be done as you have registered and access to your dashboard.

The majority of the other options on your dashboard, aside from the loan application button, might not be helpful until you have gotten a loan.

The steps listed below should be followed to obtain a loan from NCash service.

Navigate to the loan application page from your dashboard.

Put in the amount of money you want to get. From NCash, you can get a loan for up to $100,000.

Pick a period for payback. You have three to four months to pay back your loan.

You must enter your account information on the subsequent page. You will get your loan through this account.

Verify your information, then submit a loan application.

Your loan application will be examined after submission and then accepted or declined. The review may take a short while or several hours.

44. Newcredit Loan App

In Nigeria, Newcredit is a very quick loan service that makes it easy for qualified people to get loans. You can utilize the loan to pay for either personal or professional expenses.

Loan Requirement

Bellow are the basic requirements for you to be eligible for a loan:

1. You must be a Nigerian and Nigeria Resident.

2. You must be of 18-55 years old.

3. The Document and proofs you provide during the Registration or the loan application must be valid.

How to Apply for

The registration steps for the newcredit loan app is very simple and straight forward, all you have to do is to download newcredit loan APK and register an account with your phone number.

When filling your basic information during the registration, make sure you provide the correct and valid basic information, access the newcredit loan login by opening the application and submit a loan application.

Once your application is approved, the money will be sent directly to your Nigeria bank account.

45. Okash Loan App

One of the ancillary services included in Opera Pay’s O world for consumers is OKash. Other services include OFood, OBus, ORide, and others.

Before being introduced in Nigeria and other African nations, OKash was originally introduced in Kenya in 2018.

Loan Requirement

1. The candidate must reside in Nigeria.

2. The applicant’s age range must be between 20 and 55 years old.

3. A monthly income source or a justification for needing the loan must be provided by the applicant.

4. BVN Number on a Valid ID Card (see how to check BVN)

How to Apply for

1. Install the OKash App

2. Open the app

3. Login/Register with OKash

4. Accepting the terms and conditions is the fourth step

5. Obtain a Verification Code to Ensure Your Acceptance.

6. A four-digit PIN code should be generated.

7. Activate the Quick Loan App’s Permissions by clicking on the button.

8. Loans can be applied for at this point.

9. In order to get a loan, explain why you need it.

10. The next step is click on the “apply for loan” button.

11. Afterwards, you’ll be asked for your location and schedule, as well as other important permissions. Make sure you give the go-ahead.

12. Click “submit” on your loan application to get the green light.

13. Upload a picture of your ID or a selfie taken with your phone and post it.

14. For your loan to be deposited into your bank account, click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll have to be patient because it won’t happen right away.

46. Opay Loan App

OPay is a mobile-based platform founded by internet giant Opera that provides necessary services including payment, commercial transportation, food and grocery deliveries, among others.

Opera Pay is referred to as OPay. It is an extensive online payment system that enables a wide range of transactions. They also gives out loans for personal needs and for business.

Loan Requirement

The applicant must be a Nigerian resident

The age bracket of the applicant has to be in the range of 20-55 years.

The applicant needs to have a source of monthly income or state the reason why he or she wants the loan.

Valid ID Card

BVN Number (see how to check BVN)

How to Apply for

1. Open your mobile app

2. Log into your account

3. Click on the button that says ‘make a repayment’

4. Provide all required details

5. Click on the ‘repay’ button

47. Page Financials Loan App

An investing and lending platform is Page Financial International. It started operating in 2014 and since then has developed into a major force in the sector.

The company, however, has not expanded outside of Lagos. It is a retail banking company with a twist.

It also has a division called Page Microfinance Bank that offers assistance to company owners with all they need to succeed, including expert advice, money, payroll administration, banking, etc.

With this, every entrepreneur has a guarantee of business success.

Loan Requirement

For you to be considered for a loan by Page, it is required that:

1) You earn a monthly salary (minimum 100k monthly)

2) You have up to 6-months’ salary account statement

3) You live/work in Lagos or Ibadan (bankers nationwide can apply)

4) You have a passport photograph

5) You have a work ID from where you work or evidence of employment or promotion

6) You have a BVN that is actively connected to your working mobile number

How to Apply for

1. Log on to page financial website,

2. Navigate and click on Page Internet Platform

3. Next is to click on subscribe

4. On the next page, you can fill the appropriate fills to get yourself registered.

5. Once your account is created, sign into your account and apply for the loan that suit you and your need.

6. Upload all required documents.

7. Once approved, you can have the money disbursed into your account.

For further enquiry or assistance, please contact page international financials service limited via email

48. Palmcredit Loan App

You can obtain a loan without providing any security with Palmcredit, a loan app run by Newedge Finance Limited in Nigeria.

With Palmcredit, you can quickly apply for loans without having to worry about putting up any security.

Loan Requirement

 1. You need a functioning bank account.

You need to have a regular bank account with one of the Nigerian commercial banks that the CBN has approved. You must have had a bank account for at least three months.

2. Personal BVN is required

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a personal, 11-digit code that may be verified using biodata (thumbprints, faceprints).

You need a phone number in order to use a Palmcredit smartphone. The identical line that is on your BVN must be accessible to you as well.

3. Only aged 18 or older ios accepted

Only adults who are of legal age may borrow from Palmcredit. Therefore, in order to apply for a Palmcredit loan, you must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply for

1. Download The Palmcredit App

2. Complete Your Registration

3. Apply for Your Loan

4. Get approval

Once you’ve submitted your loan application, all that’s left to do is wait for loan approval. Usually, this doesn’t take too long.

Just make sure you gave the right details. You will get the loan as soon as you are approved. You might choose to transfer the funds immediately away to your bank account.

51. Palmpay Loan App

One of the most successful financial technology (FinTech) apps in Nigeria is called PalmPay. You are able to carry out nearly all major banking operations, as well as the payment of utility bills and subscriptions to data services, using it.

They are also known for issuing out of loans to credible and qualified individuals.

Loan Requirement

1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)

2. Full name

3. Primary telephone number

4. Bank account information

5. Occupation information

How to Apply for

Step 1: download and sign up

Step 2 add BVN and others

Step 3 Apply

Step 4 Wait for approval

Step 4 withdraw money into your account

If your request for a palmpay loan is approved, you can either withdraw the funds into your bank account or use them to make purchases through the app.

52. Specta Loan App

With Specta Specta4individuals you can access a personal loan of up to N5Million without collateral in 5 minutes.

Boost sales with Specta by signing up though Specta4business to start receiving payments from customers with Specta spending limits. You can also get up to N2M to start or grow your business

With Ultra Credit Card, you get acredit card for all your needs. No more insufficient funds.

Loan Requirement

An online lending company called Specta provides paid workers with loans of up to N5,000,000 in 5 Minutes.

If you are profiled, Specta allows you to get your loan approved and funds disbursed without the need for collateral, documentation, or a trip to any office.

How to Apply for

Only Android mobile devices can download the software from the Google Play Store, which has a star rating of merely 2.6/5.0.

This may indicate that people are not totally satisfied with the app’s features, and you would be better off applying for loans on the website.

53. Quickcheck Loan App

A rapid lending software called QuickCheck uses machine learning to predict borrowers’ behavior and analyze loan applications right away.

The organization wants to assist people achieve their personal and professional objectives by providing digital financial services.

Loan Requirement

Adults of Nigerian descent who have an excellent credit score.

As long as you are eligible and you have an Android device, you will be able to access our services no matter where you are in Nigeria.

How to Apply for

When you apply, your credit score will be reviewed right away to see if you qualify using machine learning.

You MUST finish all applications on your Android device.

Downloading the QuickCheck app from the Google Play store will allow you to start your application.

Once the app has been downloaded, sign in using your Facebook email address and password and complete the required information.

*NOTE: Your login information cannot be changed.

54. Renmoney Loan App

Your Renmoney app will make finance simple and useful, so you can do more today!

You can unlock loans of up to ₦6,000,000, earn great interest on your savings, pay bills, buy airtime & make payments – all on your Renmoney app.

Unlock loans on the Renmoney app

Whether you’re employed or run your own business, you can get a loan conveniently.

Just share some information with us, we’ll give you a decision and if your loan is approved, you’ll get money in your bank account very quickly.

Loan Requirement

1. You must fall within ages 22-59 years.

2. You must have an existing and active bank account with a commercial bank in Nigeria.

3. Must be well paid as an employee or own a thriving business.

4. Both the employee and business owner must verify their monthly income and must have a clean credit bureau.

How to Apply for

1. Apply.

Choose your loan amount & tenure then share some information about yourself.

2. Verify.

Verify the information that you’ve provided.

3. Receive loan.

Get money in your bank account within 24 hours if your loan is approved.

55. Sokoloan Loan App

A loan app in Nigeria called Sokoloan offers quick loans to assist you pay for unforeseen bills.

We are all aware with the unexpected growth in urgent needs, which is frequently accompanied with challenging loan applications.

Commercial banks provide particular challenges in this regard due to the extensive documentation and collateral requirements they impose.

Sokoloan is one option for a simple loan in this circumstance.

Loan Requirement

At Sokoloan, obtaining a loan does not necessitate the completion of any papers in beforehand.

This can only be done online.

You only need a legal means of identifying yourself and current banking information to proceed.

How to Apply for

1. Download Sokoloan app from Google Play Store

2. Open the app and fill out a brief application form

3. Apply and wait for Approval. Your funds will be sent to your bank account once it’s approved

56. Umba Loan App

Umba allows users to apply, drawdown and repay loans directly from their smartphone or desktop computer.

Once an individual is verified, we make lending decisions based on an assigned risk rating.

Apply mobile money loan in seconds. Receive mobile money to your M-Pesa account.

Loan Requirement

1. Install the Umba personal loan app on your Android phone.

2. Phone number registration.

3. A one-time password will be issued to your BVN phone number.

4. Fill out your KYC information, including address, next of kin, and employment details.

5. You’ll also need your BVN. Binding your ATM card to your account costs N50 to raise your loan amount.

6. Your phone will receive an OTP to authenticate your information. The software will assess your credit score once you submit your loan application and display the results in the APP.

7. If you qualify for a loan, the amount will be promptly deposited into your bank account.

8. You must take a clear live selfie for identification, therefore use a phone with ample memory.

The N50 cost to connect your ATM card to your account is refundable but may take 7 to 12 working days.

How to Apply for

1. Using your four-digit password, log in to your Umba account after creating one through the app.

2. Next, select “Umba Money Loan” by clicking on the “Loan” option.

3. Once you’ve connected your bank, finish the ID verification process by accepting all permissions and taking a selfie.

57. ALAT by Wema Loan App

You can complete all of your banking transactions quickly and easily with ALAT, a digital bank.

Being the first operational digital bank in Nigeria, the platform has a good reputation.

With the help of the digital bank, you can conduct commercial activities, borrow loans, and make payments.

Loan Requirement

First Requirement:

Valid proof of identity (Driver’s License, National ID, International Passport, or Voter’s Card).

Second Requirement:

Proof of address, i.e. utility bill. Last three months’ payslip.

Third Requirement:

Six month’s salary statement of account for customers whose account is not domicile or cannot be with Wema bank.30 Jun 2021


If you have NGN100,000 or more in your savings for a specific purpose, you are qualified to submit an application.

How long do I have access to it for? The maximum time duration allowed is one year.

How to Apply for

1. Download the ALAT app on play store or iOS store.

2. Undergo the quick credit check that will be conducted when you make a loan request to see if you qualify.

3. Get your loan in minutes!

58. Xcross Cash Loan

A loan app in Nigeria called XCross Cash provides borrowers with short-term, medium-term, and microloans starting at N5,000 and going up to N500,000 for emergency and personal loans.

It is a trustworthy and private online loan application. You can activate your involving credit limit with Xcrosscash.

You are always able to withdraw money for emergencies.

Additionally, you have daily opportunities to raise your credit limit, giving you access to bigger limits, reduced interest rates, and more flexible repayment terms.

Loan Requirement

1. Candidates must be Nigerian nationals or authorized Nigerian residents.

2. They must fall within the working group’s age range of 20 to 55.

3. Have a monthly source of income.

4. Connect your bank card to your account.

5. Give the contact information for two of your closest relatives.

6. own a high credit score and have no unpaid debt to other lenders.

7. a functioning bank account

8. Your phone number ought to match the one on your BVN.

9. possess a valid ID card from the government.

How to Apply for

1. Get the XCross Cash lending app from the Google Play Store and install it.

2. Create a user account.

3. Choose the product for which you want to apply.

4. Afterward, submit the application after providing your basic details.

5. Binding your ATM card to your account will cost you N50 and will improve your chances of receiving a larger loan amount.

6. Get your loan directly deposited into your bank account.

7. Your BVN, which will be used to assess your credit worthiness, would be necessary.

8. To verify your identification and determine whether you qualify for a loan, they will need permission to access your mobile information when you install the XCross Cash loan app.

The world’s finest security standards are used to protect your data. Your information will never be shared by them without your consent.

59. Zenith Mobile Loan App

The Zenith bank loan is a service provided by Zenith Bank to its customers in order to help them pay for unexpected expenses that may arise before their next paycheck.

It is one of Nigeria’s most popular lending options.

The USSD code for the Zenith bank payday loan is *966#, and it can be accessed by those who have a verified salary account with the bank.

Loan Requirement

1. a business account that is at least six months old with Zenith Bank.

2. Business must fall under one of the recognized sectors.

3. At least one of our electronic connection channels must be used by business.

How to Apply for

The Zenith bank loan USSD code is *966#.

This is the bank’s USSD code that can be used to carry out almost any banking transaction straight from your mobile phone.

You can also apply for the bank’s salary advance loan from the USSD code.


Loan Apps in Nigeria Without BVN

Do you have a pressing financial responsibility that you need to fulfill, but your payday is still several days away?

Do you need a list of the Nigerian swift loan applications that do not require a BVN to use their services?

The Bank Verification Number, often known as the BVN, is a singular identity that consists of 11 digits and is used in the Nigerian financial sector.

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Best Loan Apps in Nigeria

Numerous financial institutions and organizations now offer quick and simple access to smaller and medium-sized loans, as well as prompt payment, a low annual interest rate, and a suitable repayment period. In addition, instant payment is available.

These systems are trustworthy and reliable, and they can be accessed through an application on a mobile device.

Keep reading to find out more about five of the most popular apps for loans that are now available in Nigeria.

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List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria

Fake loan apps in Nigeria typically offer a seven- to fourteen-day loan term, which is against Google’s lending policies and against Nigerian law. Hence, the public should try and stay clear at all cost or be responsible for the risk associated with it.

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FAQs on Loan Apps In Nigeria

See some of the Frequently asked questions about Loan Apps In Nigeria below and their various answers.

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