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Tala Loan App Guide for 2022: Get Quick Funds

Launched in Kenya in 2014 as “Mkopo Rahisi”, the Tala loan app has emerged as one of the plausible sources of micro-financing that simplifies the process of getting loans in Kenya. To date, this loan app has assisted many Kenyans in resolving their financial issues. Although there are many loan apps in Kenya, the Tala App is one of Kenya’s most popular mobile lending apps and a viable alternative source of credit for many Kenyans.

With the Tala loan app, you can get an instant loan between Ksh 500 and Ksh 30,000 with customizable (i.e. affordable) repayment schedules that are updated in real-time.

In this article, I will show you how to get started with the Tala App in Kenya and how to get your loan sent directly to your M-Pesa account when it is approved by the Tala loan app.

Contact Tala Loans. Tala loan app
Tala loan app

Why Tala Loan?

Well, Tala Loan offers quick disbursement of funds, provides excellent customer service, and applying for a loan takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, their interest rates are relatively low. The plethora of positive feedback by past users of this app on the Google Playstore attests to this. So, if you need some extra cash, I highly recommend the Tala Loan App.

Having clarified these, how do you get the Tala loan app and request a loan through it? This is discussed in the section below.

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Steps to Install the Tala Loan App

To get a loan from Tala in Kenya, you have to install the Tala loan app on your mobile phone. To do this, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Google PlayStore and search for “Tala” if you have an Android phone.
  2. Install the Tala loan on your smartphone by clicking “Install”
  3. Proceed to create your profile (account) on the app and then apply for a loan.

I trust that you’ve installed the Tala loan app now. So, let’s move on to the next stage which is the account creation stage.

How to Create an Account on the Tala App

Next, register after the Tala app has been downloaded and installed; the registration process is straightforward. Many people believe that because you do everything on your phone, there is no online Tala loan application form.

  1. Open the Tala app after downloading it, and you’ll be prompted to link your phone number.
  2. Your phone number will be validated and you will be automatically registered.
  3. It will search your phone for information about you. This data is harvested from your SMS history to see how you use M-Pesa, your income, and so on. It also determines your credit score based on your CRB Status.

You’ve completed the registration process and now have an account with which to apply for your loan. How do you now apply for a Tala loan?

How to Apply for a Tala loan

After you’ve installed the app and completed your profile creation, it is time to request a loan from Tala.

The steps to apply for a loan are fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. Go through the simple steps you will be shown to apply for a Tala mobile loan. Note, however, that there is no guarantee that your loan request will be approved immediately.

Before you get credit, you’ll have to answer a few questions. These are merely background questions and answering them does not necessarily mean that you’re eligible for a mobile loan.

If you don’t qualify for a loan from Tala, keep trying, and don’t uninstall the app from your phone yet. If you qualify, you will receive an offer for the sum you qualify for. If you don’t qualify, then try another loan app such as ➡ Branch loan app or any of these 💡 9 Top Loan Apps in Kenya in 2022 and you may be lucky to get the loan you desire.

They provide you with two repayment alternatives for your loan. You have the option of paying after seven days or after thirty days. The longer it takes to repay, the higher the repayment amount (Principal + interest)

Please select an option that you are comfortable with; I feel that going for the 30 days repayment tenure is better as it allows you sufficient time to pay back the loan. However, the interest rate will be higher than if you repaired your loan in 7 days.

As soon as you accept the loan, Tala will send the loan sum to your M-Pesa account. That provides an answer to the question of how long it takes Tala to approve a loan. If you need further details have equiries to make in this regard, you can simply contact Tala loans or drop a comment below and I will attend to your question as soon as possible.


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