Top 7 Apps To Borrow Money In USA 2022
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Top 7 Apps To Borrow Money In USA 2022

Looking for the top loan apps in the United States, right? We have provided below for you apps to borrow money In USA for the year 2022. This is for the ease and convenience of borrowing money in the United States.

Each app serves a wide range of needs from feeding to business startup/expansion. Also, each app is suited to meet specific needs although some are generic and cater to multiple user needs.

Some instant loan apps in USA or instant cash app cater to the employed while others are for everyone, employed or not.

In this article, I discuss the top 10 mobile apps for getting a loan in USA, the volume of cash range they give, terms and conditions and a few other details.

Top 7 Apps To Borrow Money In USA 2022

The 7 apps that you can use to borrow money in USA which I discuss in this article are:

  1. Branch
  2. Brigit
  3. Dave
  4. Earnin
  5. Empower
  6. MoneyLion
  7. PayActiv


1. Branch Pay

The Branch Pay loan app is an easy-to-use app for borrowing money. However, getting money or what is called a cash advance with this app comes with a few interesting conditions.

First, Branch Pay is one of the apps to borrow money in USA that requires that you are employed and paid at least for two months by the employer directly to your bank account.

Also, each deposit by your employer must exceed $40 and must be made into the same bank account.

The amount of a cash advance you get with the Branch Pay loan app depends on two factors: your direct deposit history and how much you spend compared to your income.

At first, you will low initial cash advance limit but this increases or improves as you continue to use the app and repay your loans on time much like most loan apps out there.

Branch charges zero interest on cash advances and zero service fees if you choose to receive the funds via your Branch debit card. However, BranchPay app charges $3.99 or $4.99 for transfers to an external debit card or bank account.

2. Brigit

When looking for the best loan app in USA you might consider Brigit. With Brigit, you can get loans between $80 and $250. This app qualifies as a $100 loan instant app because its lending sum caters to $100. However, it disqualifies as a $50 loan instant app.

You can get Brigit on Google Playstore or on the App Store for your Android or Apple device. The installation and setup are easy and quick.

There is the free Brigit plan but this is limited in features and capabilities. If you wish to enjoy “instant transfers” and additional benefits from this loan app, you need to upgrade to the Brigit Plus plan which subscription costs $9.99 per month.

Additionally, you can use the app as a budgeting tool for tracking and managing your spending. There is also a feature called the “Brigit score” model. This is a checking range that goes from 0 to 100 and assesses three aspects of a user’s financial wellness namely earnings profile, bank account health, and spending habits.


3. DailyPay

Another app that allows you to borrow money in USA is the DailyPay loan app. With DailyPay you can access a portion of your salary or earned wages before payday.

You earn credit in your DailyPay account for each hour you work and transfer the same to your bank account. If you wish to get your money on the next business day, DailyPay will charge you $1.25 for each transfer. However, if you want your money instantly, you will be charged $2.99.

On payday, you’ll get your usual paycheck less any advances or loan amount you took with the DailyPay app. Also, on the DailyPay app, you may set up automatic remittances to your account or third-party account at particular times.

4. Dave

Dave is an easy-to-use mobile lending app in USA. With the Dave loan app, you can easily avoid bank overdraft fees.  Dave helps those in need with paycheck advances and budgeting. Dave can help you minimize overdraft penalties, plan for future expenses, and lend you up to $100.

Instead of charging its users an interest, Dave requests tips from its users/subscribers. The app requires its subscribers to pay a small membership fee towards the apps’ sustainability. Dave provides a low maximum cash advance. These criteria qualifies this app as one of the best apps to borrow money in USA.

5. Earnin

Earnin is among the prominent loan apps for workers in the United States. It is designed to relieve workers of the stress of waiting until payday to get funds. So instead of waiting till payday, workers with bank accounts can use the Earnin mobile app (previously Active hours) to get their already earned income the moment they leave work.

As an Earnin user, you can withdraw up to $100 per paycheck or up to $500 if you are an active user of the app.

Instead of charging fees or interest, Earnin asks users to tip what they believe is appropriate.

Earnin requires a constant pay schedule, which might be weekly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly, or monthly. However, for each pay period, a user must deposit over 50% of paycheck directly into a single checking account via direct deposit.

Earnin wants to keep track of your working routine and work activity. For this, the app requires that you maintain the same work location daily or track your working hours using electronic timesheets if you switch work locations.

Earnin uses the salary or wage that you receive from a single employer as a basis for determining your pay rate.

You become eligible for instant funding from Earnin when you have Earnin’s “Lightning Speed” feature. Without this, you’ll get your money in one to two business days.


6. Empower

Empower app is primarily a payroll advance app but that does more. Empower is one of the apps to borrow money in USA specifically targeted at workers.

Why Empower falls among the best apps to borrow money in USA is that the loan app provides its users with interest-free advance (i.e. loan) of up to $250 at any time during a users’ pay cycle.

Besides, this app does not charge late penalties, and is one of the cash advance apps no credit check app. On these grounds, compared to other loan apps, Empower wins!

7. Money Lion

Money Lion is 3-tier mobile app that allows you to borrow money, save money, and invest money right from your phone. Inside the Money Lion app, there is the credit-builder loan feature through which you can apply for a loan.

However, eligibility for a loan via the Money Lion app comes with getting the Credit Builder Plus membership, which costs $19.99 a month.

You can defray this membership cost by accumulating rewards for logging into the app and making purchases of more than $10 per month using your MoneyLion Visa debit card (if you have one).

MoneyLion does not do a credit check to see whether you are eligible for one of its credit-builder loans. Instead, the company will evaluate your account activity by linking to your primary checking account, and then determine whether you are eligible for a loan or not.


One thing I want you to take note of is that most of the apps to borrow money in USA discussed are targeted are the employed and not the unemployed in the United States.

Each app has a peculiar feature, and terms & conditions. For instance, while some borrow money app no credit check apps, other loan apps do credit checks to ascertain the viability of the user for a loan.

So, if you are short of funds before your next paycheck, or you need money for an emergency need, you may consider trying any of the loan apps that I discussed here. You might be lucky with a few or most of them depending on your credit history.

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