Umba: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022
Nigeria Loan App

Umba: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022

Our focus today will be on Umba: Quick Online Loan Apps Without Collateral 2022. Umba is a Google Play Store-based rapid lending app that bills itself as Africa’s leading digital bank.

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Users can apply for loans, take them out, and repay them all from their smartphone or desktop computer.It makes lending decisions based on an assigned risk rating after an individual has been verified.

What do people do with Umba Loan App?

Obtaining a Mobile Money Loan is only one example.
In a matter of seconds, you can apply for a mobile money loan. Mobile money will be sent to your M-Pesa account.


Make a user account.
In a matter of seconds, apply
Obtain an Umba Loan
When you repay a loan on time, your loan limit is increased.



Umba allows you to take charge of your finances. The Umba app allows you to apply for credit on the move and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There is no need for documentation, collateral, or office visits.
You can send money directly from your Umba loan to your M-Pesa account, merchants, or utility providers.
There are no late fines or rollover fees.
As you repay your loans, you’ll have access to larger loans, cheaper costs, and more flexible payment options.
Loans are rapidly authorized and disbursed.
Get credit to help you create the life you want for your business, your home, your family, and yourself.


Umba makes securing a personal loan simple by verifying your identification and calculating your credit score using data from your phone, including your SMS history. To protect your privacy, we encrypt the information you choose to share with us. We respect your privacy and pledge to never disclose your personal information with other parties.


Click here to download the Umba app from the Google Play Store.


Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

A good software with far too many flaws. How can you conduct business without a phone number, and how can you build an online account for a consumer without allowing that customer to withdraw funds to repay his or her loan? If a customer sends an email, there will be no response, no phone, and no other communication. I borrowed money from the app and returned it to the account I was given; now I’m having trouble transferring the money from the account back to them. The cash is just sitting there. How did I even get to know you people?

Victor O’Emmanuel 29 September 2021

Fast transaction, but the app has too many flaws; you can’t send money to a number you don’t already have saved on your phone, and the referral program is a scam; I was only paid once, and all of my other referrals were not paid, and they had terrible customer service; I sent them an email and received no response. I also tried contacting them through the app’s chat function, but received no response.

 Akindele Olufunmi 30 September 2021

Wow!!! Wonderful experience, umba is the best loan app, I just downloaded the app this week, registration was so easy, my account was verified, deposit and withdrawal were so smooth, high loan amount for first timers, low interest rate with long tenor, I just clicked on the loan a few minutes ago and boom the money hit my wallet, thanks to all of you at umba keep up the good work, I recommend this app to everyone, you deserve more than 5 star, I recommend this app for everyone, you deserve more

Anonymous User October 3rd, 2021

This is the most useless software I’ve ever encountered. I signed up, tried to verify my account, but it failed, so I contacted support and it took them 3 days to respond. When I finally got a response, I was told that I was under the age of 18, which I am not, and that’s why my verification failed, so I tell them I’m not, and it takes them another 2 days to respond, and they still don’t fix the issue, instead saying the same thing they already said, making it exactly a week with no help.


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